About the Company


The Percept Industrial Developing & Service Provider Ltd. was set up in 1990.


Owners:                       Laszlo VASS (with 85% share) & Lajos BALÁZS (with 15% share)

Managing Director:      Laszlo VASS

Headquarters &

 Address:                     H-1031, Budapest Drotos u. 12.  HUNGARY (H-2011, Budakalász Harcsa u. 23.)

Telephone, Fax:           +36-1-3884-810; +36-26-340-194

E-mail:                         percept@t-online.hu ; percept@hu.inter.net ; percept@freemail.hu (LED)

Factory:                       Veroce, Lugosi ut 69. HUNGARY

Capital Stock:              1 million HUF at the set-up

                                   4 million HUF since August, 2000.


Main Products & Services




Our Partners


 Currently our main & permanent business partner is the MÁV (Hungarian Railway Company) with the ordering amount of 200-500 pieces of the semiconductor traffic light sources per annum, which partly takes up the Company’s capacity in the long run. The MÁV operates 32,000 railroad crossing traffic lights & approximately 180,000 railway signal lights (semaphores). Replacing the former light sources is limited only by financial resources, as technical, safety & operating disposition towards LED light sources is remarkably supported.


One of our railroad crossing LED traffic light is operating at GYESEV, too.





· Hungarian Cable Company, Budapest

· Sopilen, Sopron

· Tungsram, Hajduboszormeny

· MÁV (Hungarian Railway Company), Budapest

· BKV Rt. (Public Transportation Company of Budapest), Budapest


H-2011, Budakalász Harcsa u. 23. +36-26-340-194